About me

With over fifteen years experience working with clients of all ages, including couples and families, I have worked with a wide variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, marital conflict, and co-parenting and divorce recovery – just to name a few.

So, what’s it like working with me? Sometimes, I ask questions to help you reach your own answers, and, other times, I challenge you and frequently give assignments to help you further work through what’s bothering you. Things I have heard repeatedly from clients is that they appreciate my down to earth, empathetic yet sometimes humorous approach. Clients consistently verbalize that they appreciate the way I listen and genuinely care about them. I’m kinda like a wise teacher, nurturing/caring mom, wisecracking/sarcastic best friend/sister all rolled into one. I have also been described as a motivating coach and encouraging cheerleader. Most importantly, I like to think of myself as a fellow traveler.

Mary R. Stanley

LMFT 48280
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